Can the processing (irradiation and sterilization) affect or damage my products?

No absolutely not, because these processes are meant for increasing the shelf-life of your products and making them free of any kind of unwanted harmful life, like bacteria etc, hence making them safe for consumption or utilization. Moreover, your products would be treated by the processes conducted by experts with knowledge and experience in the best suited environment.

What is Gamma Irradiation?

Gamma Irradiation is a processing in which a material is exposed to gamma rays from a radioisotope such as Cobalt-60 for a particular period of time to achieve sterilization, reduction of microbial load, elimination of mould/fungus and disinfestations of pests. Because of its highly penetrating characteristics, Gamma Irradiation is preferred over other methods such as electron irradiation for treating bulk items such as food commodities since they can be processed after their final packaging.

The process is considered as one of the most important form of processing because it helps in controlling microbial contamination within products which may otherwise have severe consequences on Human Health.

Are there any chances of the nutrient quantity of my products getting reduced or damaged because of irradiation or sterilization treatment?

"A group of experts at a meeting organized by FAQ, IAEA and WHO in Geneva, Switzerland in 1997 came to a conclusion that Food Irradiation can never lead to nutrient losses to an extent where the food could have an adverse effect on nutritional status of people"

Moreover, it has been proved that Vitamin losses can be minimized by irradiating food item in frozen forms or by packaging it is an inert atmosphere such as under nitrogen. It has also been demonstrated that pork or beef sterilized by radiation retain much more Vitamin B1 than canned meat sterilized thermally.

What all products can be treated for their value-addition?

  • Plastic & Rubber: Eye/Ear dropper bottles, Latex gloves, Blood collection & Donor sets, Petri-Dishes, Contraceptive devices like Copper-T etc.
  • Absorbent: Cotton, Wool, Gauge, Bandage, Dressing, Gauge pads, Nappies, Medical kits.
  • Metallic products: Surgical Sutures, Shunt valves, Aluminum caps, Containers & tubes, Surgical blades, Needles, Tools, Implants etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Silver Sulphadiazene cream, Gelatin capsule, Bantonite, Charcoal & Ergot powder, Absorbent gelatin, Sponge etc.
  • Skin ointment in polyethylene glycol base.
  • Ayurvedic & Herbal products.
  • Spices
  • Aseptic bags for packaging of juice / pulp of vegetables and fruits like tomato, mango etc.
  • Pet feed
  • Plastic molded components of electrical parts

Where is Jhunsons Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. located?

Jhunsons Chemicals Mailing Address:

632/7, Second Floor
Khari Baoli
Email: Phone: 011-43117901 Website: www.jhunsons.com

Plant Address :

M/S. Jhunsons Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
E-446, Chopanki Ind. Area
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